Sustainment prides itself in its record of service excellence and the quality of its list of clients served. Clients have included and continue to include both federal and state agencies such as the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Joint Task Force, Department of Agriculture and numerous universities.

Sustainment Technologies, LLC. provides the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense a total facility life cycle management of medical equipment – from the sale of the product to maintenance and repairs on the equipment.

We not only provide you a single place to purchase all your medical equipment and supplies, but we also provide you with a single consolidated contract for all your medical equipment maintenance needs. We can also provide individual service, repair and maintenance for:


  • All Medical Equipment Preventative Maintenance
  • Sterilizer Maintenance & Chamber Cleaning
  • OR Suite Refurbishment (Surgical Tables, Lights, Carts, Cabinets)
  • Scopes (Flexible/Rigid) Reprocessing 
  • MRI/CT Tube
  • UPS Batteries/Capacitors
  • UPS Service
  • Imaging Equipment & Parts
  • Lab Equipment
  • Dental Hand Pieces


811219 Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in repairing and maintaining (without retailing) electronic and precision equipment (except consumer electronics, computers and office machines, and communications equipment). Establishments in this industry repair and maintain equipment, such as medical diagnostic imaging, measuring and sonar equipment.